Thursday, March 01, 2007


Alzheimer's sufferers are denied drugs costing a pittance while the NHS squanders millions on junkies and image consultants
The Daily Mail; you gotta love 'em. Talk about loaded language! For a bit of background - The National Institue for Clinical Excellence (NICE) gets together and decides which drugs should be available on the NHS, based on cost, need, effectiveness and priority.

The 'Alzheimer's sufferers' are clearly much more deserving of any drugs than the nasty 'junkies' who are obviously just having a bit of a laugh and don't really need any treatment - all they need to do is stop, right? And they probably can't be arsed. In fact it's nearly as much of a crime that the Daily Mail has wasted valuable ink referring to them in seven letters, as the NHS 'squandering' millions of pounds on them.

I suppose the reworded version wouldn't make the front page:

NICE have limited the amount of drugs available on the NHS for treating Alhzheimer's disease, however, treatment is available for drug addiction.

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