Monday, February 26, 2007

How do you feel?

I've just discovered a remarkable little website thanks to gstar. The website is called We Feel Fine and it is a delightful gem, tracking and categorising the changing feelings in the blogosphere. Every few minutes the We Feel Fine Monkeys 'harvest feelings' from the world's weblogs, making a note of the blogger's age, sex, location and the current weather conditions. Any blogger who uses the words "I feel..." may find their feelings contributing to the dynamic landscape of this site.

The result is a beautifully crafted and animated collection of the ever changing feelings of the world - it reveals a startling window to the pain and the joy felt by real people, right now. Is it art, is it research, is it fun? Perhaps it's all three, nevertheless it is intriguing, saddening and inspiring.

Check it out... and be aware next time you document your feelings!

I feel happy to have found it.