Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brighton, baby

I've done it; I've joined Brighton Bloggers. Check out my coding wizardry in the form of the little Brighton Bloggers button, down the right hand side of the page. Wow, I'm good! What do you mean it's a just a bit of copy and paste? Shush now!

Brighton Bloggers is a digital collective of local bloggers, writing about a diverse range of topics. One of my personal favourites is Naked Translations. A local translator blogs about the precise technicalities of word meanings and translations. It’s guaranteed to appeal to your inner nerd. Another little gem is Sex and the Seafront. Its blurb is pretty self explanatory, ‘It's a gay guy writing from a gay view point living in a gay town with gay friends, so perhaps you should expect a little err gayness’! Marvellous!

The bloggers seem active, opinionated and interesting: a local community of writers, commentators and thinkers. Ah, if we were in Paris during the renaissance, we'd be smoking our cigars and tapping away in cheap apartments on the Champs.... It feels good to be part of something local. Brighton has always held a special place in my heart; I'm born and bred here and, despite years of wandering, I always come home.

I’m also pleased that the writers of Brighton are making a little more noise. Usually the visual and performing arts dominate the creative scene. Notable events include the bi-annual Open Houses and the Brighton Festival. Sometimes words need to shout louder than actions.

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